Friquently Ask Questions

You can receive your rapid results verbally within fifteen minutes. You can expect an email with a pdf file of your rapid results by the end of the day.

Our PCR tests get processed by the lab and can take up to 24 hours to receive the results.

The government has passed a CARES act. Depending on the type of insurance or plan that you have your insurance company will be billed.


The tests are not FDA approved yet. However, they are EAU (Emergency Use Authorization) tests. Our lab is CLIA certified. Our CLIA certification allows for our tests results to be used to travel outside of the country.

There are no appointments required. You can walk in or drive up to a location and a technician will be there to help you start the testing process.

Better Health labs offers two different types of tests.

The Rapid Antigen tests are commonly used to diagnose respiratory pathogens including influenza viruses and respiratory viruses. Antigen tests are used to detect the antibodies that are created from SARS-19 that trigger the body to have an immune response.

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests take genetic material from the patient to create a sequence of DNA that amplifies the RNA. This is the most accurate test.

We test everyone ages two and above.

Better Health is CLIA certified and offers PCR tests to travel internationally. Some countries may vary. It would be best to check the airline you will be traveling with to know their Covid-19 requirements, and look into the Covid-19 requirements for the specific country you are traveling to.